Free Stuff

We are getting a ton of requests for free stickers, shirts, boards and other gear, we decided to set up a page for you to request.

“I would really love some stickers to slap onto my equipment and rep u guys or some stuff.”

“I was wondering if I could get free company gear. I am a new skater I just started. Thanks!”

“Hi. I heard that you have out free stuff and I would like to get in on that.”

“Hey guys! Could you send me a free catalog and anything else you can!! Appreciate ya!!”

“I was wondering if you could please send my son, and my husband and I a variety of your “very cool” stickers, company paraphernalia, fun stuff, and whatever you have to give for free? That way we could represent your awesome company when we are at school (or when we are out in public), or represent you with anything else you kindly can give to us. 😀 Please keep up the fabulous job you guys are doing! Thanks so much and take care. ”

“I love your guys stuff. Would love to rock some stickers and represent. Keep the awesome stuff going you guys!!!”

“I have been a huge fan of yours for quite sometime now, I was wondering if I could get some company stickers or some free stuff so that I could paste them on my room wall,longboard and a few on my laptop.”

“I was wondering if I could get some free skate stuff like some stickers or a shirt or anything”

“I was wondering if your company has any free merchandise that I could use for my deck. Anything is appreciated.”

“Hi Alva skates your stuff is great. It would be so cool if you could send me company freebies or stickers.”

“I’m super broke and I love to skate but I never have the money to get stuff I need like bearings,wheels,and stickers can you help me out?”

“My son just turned 13 and has gotten a BIG interest into skateboarding. His birthday is coming up on May 29 and the money he gets, he wants to put to finding him the skateboard that he wants… I was just wondering if there was any way I could get a catalog sent to him or any merchandise.. It would be greatly appreciated and helpful in finding his board.. Cant wait to hear back!!”

” i was wondering if you can send me some free stickers and an catalog and stuff to put on my skate or in my city or EVERYWHERE and give you some feedback!! ”

“I would really love for you guys to send me free stuff, i kinda sk8 and I’ll put your stuff out there.”

“I love the older skateboarding! I was wondering how I could get any free stuff to represent that way of life?! Thanks”

“Love the brand. Was wondering if i could get some free stickers and gear for my skate competition at my high school”

“Hi i was wondering if i could get some free stuff. I like supporting brands and i personally like this your company. If you could respond it would be greatly appreciated.”